Rapid Stainless steel rivet Ø3.2 x 8 mm

These durable, stainless steel rivets are made of a very hard material that ensures a strong bond designed to exceed the lifetime of the bonded material. Specifically created for outside use or application in humid or damp environments, these rivets are the ideal solution for license plate fastening, mudguards, metal coverings, greenhouses, lawnmowers or sheet metal roofing. A drill of correct size is included in the packaging.
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Cechy produktów

Ø3.2 x 8 mm

Head made of stainless steel, pin made of steel

Stainless steel AISI304 type, A2 Class

50 pcs, packed in blister

Drill included

For RP40, RP100


Kod 5000393
Kolor ------------
Materiał Stainless and steel
Wymiary 50 x 140 x 35
Waga 0,07